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SBE Manufacturing Plant. S.No.102/3, Kundumaranapalli Village, 12 th Km Hosur Kelamangalam Road, Krishnagiri- 635113 Tamil Nadu, India

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Foot Stop Service Pasbus Omnisafe . T +32 89 69 99 17 F +32 89 69 99 20 E [email protected] Zuiderring 34 Poort Genk n° 7813 BE-3600 Genk Bekijk plan. Openingsuren kantoor. ma-di-wo-do: 8u30 - 12u00 en 13u00 - 17u00u; vrijdag: 8u30 - 12u00 en 13u00 - 16u30 ...

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Omnisafe is specialist in persoonlijke beschermingsmiddelen. Natuurlijk wilt u als werkgever over de veiligheid en gezondheid van uw werknemers waken. Maar veiligheid vraagt om expertise, en die heeft u misschien niet altijd in huis. Omnisafe staat u dan graag met raad en daad bij.

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Serving Distributors & Wholesalers for 19 Years . Owned by China’s largest glove manufacturer, Omni International Corp. is a leading supplier of high-quality gloves, first aid kits, and more for industries that need them the most.

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Torque Suppressed Gas System Fittings Standard and Torque Suppressed Ultra High Purity Fittings Safe from Torsional Loosening, Galling & Particles.

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OmniSafe Fitting. What a Relief! OmniSafe torque eliminators prevent torque from being transferred from the nuts to the glands when tightened. Two glands are compressed linearly into the gasket displaying no “wind up” and perfect alignment. See Figure 2; There is no seal damage, no galling, and no particle generation.

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OmniSafe engineers have a created a fitting that works to prevent torque from being transferred to the glands and metal gasket. The twisting generated by previous collarless designs also tended to store energy, resulting in reverse torque or “wind up” which can cause loosening and leaks under shock, vibration and unwanted temperature changes.

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OmniSafe International is an Australian company that began operations in 2000 with a primary aim of providing a range of specialist services and products for the aviation industry, civil and military. Since that time OmniSafe has grown as a company and now provides an extensive range of services. Please select the icon below for further ...

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